(Note: This text was written in 2001 as an information for Tech Divs of different Ron's Orgs.)

R-Factor and observation: Around 1978 the Church of Scientology started attempts to standardize the Tech (to publish everything in the form of HCOBs and HCO PLs instead of having BTBs and BPLs) and make it more easily understandable. The Church wrote a lot of new "HCOBs" which were based on true LRH tech but actually were not written by him personally. And in this way some fatal errors crept up - very probably intentionally.

HCOB 23 June 1980, "Checking Reads on Grades Processes" 

(especially revisions R and RA)  very probably is not from LRH and only an interpretation of his Tech. There is no issue and no lecture by LRH which says that an auditor must check a standard Grades process for read.The basis for this HCOB probably was HCOB 27 May 1970, "Unreading Questions and Items" (revised and unrevised), which says that a question must read before it can be run. But this refers to LISTING AND NULLING QUESTIONS, not commands of Grades processes. No auditor whom I know who did the Academy and/or the SHSBC before 1978 has ever checked a Grades process for read.

The HCOB 23 June 1980R, "Checking Reads on Grades Processes" was actually the starting point of a deadly wave of quickie Grades which was followed by the "solution" of the "Golden Age of Technology".

The HCOB 23 June 1980R, "Checking Reads on Grades Processes" and the practice to check normal Grades commands for interest and read should no longer be employed and no longer be taught on any course or checksheet. Please don't use it any longer. The original issue HCOB 23 June 1980 includes the correct datum that a normal Grades process does not need to be checked for read, only specific items do.

HCOB 27 May 1970R, "Unreading Questions and Items"

(only the revised version!) also shouldn't be used any more, because it says that each flow must read, but this relates to Dianetics and not Scientology. Therefore this issue is misleading, and the subject (Dianetic Flows which don't read) is actually covered in HCOB 3 December 1978, "Unreading Flows".


HCOB 7 Sep 1978, "Modern Repetitive Prepchecking"

is a summary on how to do a repetitive prepcheck, and that would be fine - but it contains a statement that you have to check the buttons for read, which is an arbitrary. The subject the auditor is going to prepcheck has to read, not the buttons. Everything else in the HCOB is fine. Please use instead the BTB of 10 April 1972RA, "Prepchecks", and the HCOB 14 August 1964, "Prepcheck Buttons".

Instant Reads on Rudiments

The HCOB 27 May 1970R, "Unreading Questions and Items" was mis-interpreted in that way that a tick or a change of characteristic is not a read and that a read is only a Small Fall or bigger Fall.  The sentence "A 'tick' or a 'stop' is not a read. Reads are Small Falls or Falls or Long Falls or Long Fall Blowdowns (of TA)" was put into the Tech Dic out of context and became a generally applicable datum. That you need a Small Fall or bigger is refering to ITEMS and Listing and Nulling QUESTIONS, not to a rudiment question, nor to a question on a correction list or a sec-check. See also the reference HCOB 3 July 1971R, "Auditing by lists".

(See also the text "The history of Instant Reads")

Max Hauri, Summer 2001

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