The Historical Development of Dianetics and Scientology - Continuation from 1964 on

Note: The numbering of SHSBC lectures used in the table is not the same as in the Red Volumes but that of the 1991 edition of the lectures.

24 Jan 64 (HCO PL) The post of the Case Supervisor is created.
4 Feb 64 (SHSBC 365) LRH for the first time speaks extensively about solo auditing which is not yet differentiated as a term from self-auditing. He says that it is okay to do on the level of assists but otherwise the auditor is necessary as a second terminal because you would get no tone arm action otherwise. In the lecture of 6 Feb 64 (SHSBC 366) LRH says that the reason for this is that the thetan regards himself as MEST. At that time he assumes that this will be valid until a person is well into Level VII and will then change.
6 Feb 64 (SHSBC 366) In the lecture "The Comm Cycle in Auditing" LRH lays the foundations of the later Grade 0. He explains that first the comm cycle of a pc has to be repaired before you can work at this case with techniques.
March 1964 The new Routine 6 is based on the theory that all actual GPMs are aligned in series of 42 each with their line plots being modeled always in the same way. LRH supposes that a PC has 15,000 GPMs (SHSBC 369 of 5 March 64) . This figure is soon afterwards corrected to 10 series and 420 GPMs. (SHSBC 373 of 17 March 64).  While first "Who or what would oppose..." was used to deduct an RI from the last one found, then "Who or what would solve...", this is now changed to "...bring about...".
17 Mar 64 (SHSBC 373) LRH gives the philosophical foundation for certain data being confidential: If an individual gets presented with more truth in one go than adequate to his level of reality or his acceptance level for truth, it will worsen. Thus a gradient scale of acceptable wins and realities is necessary.
14 Apr 64 (SHSBC 377) The term "Grade" for the level of a pc is introduced and certain abilities that belong to each Grade are formulated (at first only very broad and in the form of examples, but partially already very similar to the Grade EPs in use today).
June-August 1964 LRH gives a loose succession of lectures about studying and study technology which later become part of the Student Hat as "The Study Lectures". In the lecture 9 July 64 (SHSBC 391) for the first time the phenomenon is mentioned that when a person does not understand a word in a text this inhibits his understanding of the context or even of the whole subject.
HCOB 24 July 64 Worksheets are introduced in the sense of a continuing record of what happens during a session.
August-September 1964 Clay table work is introduced which is done in the course room as well as a form of auditing - Clay Table Healing to handle physical problems of pcs and Clay Table Clearing to remedy difficulties in subjects which stem from misunderstood words.
27 Oct 64 (SHSBC 407) In the lecture "The failed case" LRH describes for the first time the phenomenon of the case who never has case gain because he continuously commits  overts.
November 1964 (HCO PL 5 Nov 64, SHSBC 410 of 10 Nov 64 For the first time the term "Source of Troubles" is used, amongst others for the person who is connected to someone antagonistic toward Scientology.
December 1964 Solo-Auditing becomes a standard part of the bridge in the level R6EW. Before the person starts with the actual Routine 6 he is to gain experience with the bank material and the auditing style. Prerequisite is him being a Class VI Auditor (provisional). (HCOB 8 Dec 64, "Solo Auditing and R6EW")
December 1964 (e.g. SHSBC 413 of 22 Dec 64) Although LRH emphasizes the fact that the GPMs which have to be run out at Level VI are identical from person to person, he assumes that they are not implanted. Instead he explains it so that those GPMs are part of a system which lets the universe continue to exist and which every thetan has agreed upon with every other thetan.
Beginnin to Mid-1965 The Lower Grades (a term which is newly introduced) which are valid until today are formed by taking older processes and categorize them by different levels (mentioned in SHSBC 419 of 30 Mar 65). Shortly afterwards the Power Processes are added as Grade V and VA, and after R6EW for a short while R6GPMI is put on the Grade Chart but is never released for use. From the middle of 1965 on instead the Clearing Course is inserted. Clear is differentiated from "keyed-out Clear" and again becomes regarded a valuable goal on the bridge. Clear now equals Grade VII (on the first Grade Chart, May 1965, it equaled Grade VI). Above it processes from Route 1 (from the book "The Creation of Human Ability") is intended to bring the Clear further up to OT (HCOB 2 Apr 65).
LRH now advises against the co-audit route (same issue) and recommends to be audited until Grade V and then to do the auditor training up to Level VI (Saint Hill Course) to be able to audit the rest in solo. At this time Dianetics is not part of the bridge at all.
April/May 1965 The Power Processes are introduced, first as processes for cases of a low level (ref. Grade Chart in Vol. VI, p.36).
18 May 65 (SHSBC 424) The Roller Coaster phenomenon is described for the first time more closely and LRH explains that the pc who keeps losing his gains has to handle the Suppressive Person or disconnect from him.
June 1965 Review auditing takes the function to repair pcs which get stuck in normal auditing. The first precursor of the Green Form is issued as HCO PL 26 May 65, "HGC PC Review Auditing Form". This list is already used either as analysis or as correction list.
29 June 65 (SHSBC 427) The fact is mentioned that (besides a flat tone arm action at the end of the process) a small (at least) cognition is the expected reaction to a normal process.
30 June 65 (HCOB) The rehab procedure is introduced to regain lost releases. At this point however one release is the whole goal for Grades 0-IV! (This is a so-called "first stage release".) If in auditing on the Grades 0-IV an F/N is reached with the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 the pc is sent to attest of release and then continued on Grade V. (HCOBs 3 July 65 and 12 July 65)
Summer 1965 The Clearing Course is released, and from now on Clear can be achieved through solo auditing on Grade VII.
22 Sep 65 (HCOB) What until now was the "First stage release" is now broken up into the release grades 0-IV which are according to today's Grades. The nomenclature of "First, second... stage release" is given up in favour of "Grade 0, I... Release". The processes of each Grade are still run only to one F/N for the whole Grade. There is already the idea that there are major processes for each Grade and additional processes which might be necessary to achieve the Grade release.
24 Nov 65 (HCOB) With S&D (Search and Discovery)  the first technical tool for handling PTS situations is available.
August 1966 The first Clears start on OT 1.
20 Sep 66 (HCOB) ARC Straightwire is introduced as release grade below Grade 0. Between both lie Dianetics Secondary Release and Dianetics Engram Release.
20 Sep 67 In "Ron’s Journal 67" LRH makes public that he has explored the level OT 3 and that this will from now on be delivered in the newly founded Sea Org.
September 68 With the first Class VIII Course Standard Tech is put into focus and at the same time it gets emphasized that it essentially consists out of simple basics.
21 Oct 68 (HCOB) It becomes recognized that an F/N is part of the end phenomena of each audited action. LRH calls this "one of the most important re-discoveries since years", although in its generality this is obviously a new datum.
The table is amended from time to time.


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