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In a video published on, Aida Thomas, Class VIII auditor, shows some very interesting details as to alterations that were done with tech materials. Below you can find a summary of the important points - but of course I can recommend you to watch the video in all its seven parts!

Alteration of the PL “Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics” 

The HCO PL 9 July 80 “Ethics, Justice and the Dynamics” was revised on 25 March 89. The revision note says that the revision was made to restore the issue as originally written by LRH and to eliminate parts of the section “What happens when the dynamics go out ethics” because they were not written by LRH.

One of the paragraphs taken out talks about the 2nd dynamic: “It must be noted however that promiscuity, perversion, sadism, free love, homosexuality and other irregular practices fall far below an acceptable level of ethics. A society which falls into this category can be expected to abuse sex, be promiscuous, to misuse and maltreat children and to act, in short, much in the way current cultures are acting.” The text continues to speak about cultures who suffer or suffered from this condition and vanished in history.

According to the revision note this text was deleted because it was not written by LRH. But actually the very text can be found in the book “Science of Survival” in the chapter on 2nd dynamic!

Alterations in the New Edition of “Science of Survival”

Aida Thomas further points out several noteworthy alterations in the book “Science of Survival”, which today is published with a copyright notice of 1989. Note that the book is not longer “by L.Ron Hubbard” – “L.Ron Hubbard” is now part of the title, but he is no longer attributed authorship!

In the original version of the book the book starts with a dedication to various philosophers and great man, who in the eyes of LRH contributed to the formation of Dianetics. This dedication is completely missing in the new version (and by the way, also the personal dedication to Diana Hubbard!)

In the original issue the chapter “Introduction” gave a lot of data on psychometric experiments on persons who received processing (over 20 pages). These data are completely missing in the 1989 version and are replaced by some general text (3 pages) which can be found in other books, too.

Alterations in the New Edition of “Scientology 0-8”

Here again we can see that the book cover no longer says “by L.Ron Hubbard”. The Copyright is from 1988.

The book contains the meanwhile well-known but nevertheless shocking alterations of Logic 4 and Axiom 3 which are described in the Tech Alterations List on this site.

Aida Thomas also stresses the changes in the Auditor’s Code – the old version (of 1968) has this preface: “In celebration of the 100% gains attainable by Standard Tech.” The new version just says “I hereby promise as an auditor…” without mentioning 100% gains! 

Also the point “I promise to cooperate fully with the legal organizations of Dianetics and Scientology as developed by L. Ron Hubbard in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of the subject according to the basics of Standard Tech” (italics added to show the deleted parts) was replaced by I promise to cooperate fully with the authorized organizations of Dianetics and Scientology in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of those subjects” … interesting little change indeed.

Finally in the “Chart of abilities gained” in the new version you can find the following entries for OT 1, OT 2 etc.: “as given in the materials for [that level]”. In the original edition however the table holds a description for the ability gained for each of these levels. 

Other books, like “Dianetics Today”, “Mission into Time” and “The Second Dynamic” are simply no longer available – eliminated out of today’s “Scientologist’s” library.

In her interview Aida Thomas mentions the interesting fact that when she came first to ASHO for her training in the 1970s, there were more than 1,000 students on the Briefing Course! We thus can see that there were really golden times of the tech – and we can also readily see some of the reasons we they are no longer golden. The remainder of the video offers information about the management structure of the Church of Scientology today, about which you can find a detailed description on the pages of , too. But one additional datum which is given in the video is quite striking – did you know that Ron Miscavige, the brother of David miscavige, is a realtor? You don’t have to be a fool to think evil of it…

Otfried Krumpholz

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