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Welcome to the webpage of "Das Dritte Jahrtausend" (The third millennium). While there is a lot to say about the fate of mankind during the next 1000 years, this webpage deals only with one  specific subject which, in my opinion, will have a great impact on the future of many individuals and therefore groups or even societies.

I am talking about Scientology - more specifically, those techniques which were developped by L.Ron Hubbard under the collective name of Scientology and Dianetics to support people who want to find out more about themselves and life and are commited to the idea of self-improvement through spiritual means.

These techniques, known to Scientologists under the name of "Auditing", are seen by some as the application of a religious philosophy, and by others as a spiritual technology or as another form of mental exercises with which to improve oneself. This site is intended to give information to practitioners, shed light on the background, survey the situation, present different views on what is and what isn't to be considered as "standard technology", and especially to attempt to establish what the actual auditing technology is that was researched and found eminently workable by L.Ron Hubbard - and what was altered and added to it by others.

As a clarification it should be mentioned that the site owner is neither a member of the Church of Scientology nor ever has been and is differentiating himself clearly from it and all its branch organisations. This website on the contrary belongs to the wide family of the Free Zone and is most closely connected to Ron’s Org.

How does this website work?

You will find different articles, which I hope will prove interesting to you, about the subject of auditing and auditing technology. These are not only written by the site owner, but by various authors from all over the world. All of them are "insiders", i.e. people who have occupied themselves intensively with Scientology, so that all "opinions" rendered here at least are "well-founded opinions". If you yourself would like to contribute, please  contact me via e-mail. Please note that the contents of "Das Dritte Jahrtausend" should measure up to a certain scientific/journalistic standard.

Understandably enough, many of the authors want to remain anonymous or pseudonymous. The person who runs the site is responsible in the sense of the MDStV (German law applicable to publishers of web sites) for the contents, but that doesn't mean that I agree with every sentence in it. However you can safely assume that there is a certain consensus between the different articles - at least all of them are based on the conviction that it is a good thing to apply auditing technology in its standard form (standard tech) which of course presumes that you know exactly what is standard tech. That this is not always a simple task will become evident when you read the articles given here. But look for yourself...

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NOTE:  These pages are still work in progress. Some parts are still missing. In particular, many translations to and from English are not done yet; anyone who would like to help here is welcome. Should you be a native speaker and notice language mistakes in the translation, please let me know.




26-08-2007    Finally! The page "Historical development of Dianetics and Scientology" has been translated into English! Until now it is only the first part, the rest is hopefully soon to follow...

09-12-2007   ...and here comes the second part of it in English!

11-02-2008   the major part of the third part was also translated!