Dianetics and Standard Tech

Dianetics has had a changing history. In 1950, the whole subject started with the famous Book One, "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health" (did you know the Church of Scientology changed even the title of that book?) which became a real best-seller. In the oncoming years Dianetics and engram running became not forgotten, but it did not rank high amongst the various techniques that were applied by Scientologists world-wide. Only after LRH had researched practically all of the bridge as we know it today (especially Grades and the OT levels 1-3) Dianetics could have a renaissance which it had with the advent of Standard Dianetics in 1969. Most probably it was an essential factor in the big expansion of Scientology in the following years. Easy to teach and apply it was something that brought people in the Academies and the HGCs in droves. 1978 Standard Dianetics was superseded by New Era Dianetics (NED). It is quite questionable how much of this is "original LRH" if you take into account that the content of several of the so-called HCOBs had been in BTBs before. Also we don't know whether LRH in the long run would have made changes and adjustments to NED, because as we know soon afterwards - or even before that point in time - he retired not only from the administrative, but also the technical lines.

The articles in this section discuss various aspects of Dianetics and NED that are of great import to the application of Dianetics.


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