Standard Tech

"Experimental auditing has its place. Indeed, we got where we are because of experimental processes. Every process was once experimental.

BUT when you want results you had better use standard techniques and procedures. After all, I have sweated through their testing for years and we now KNOW what will ease or clear a preclear.

Most clearing “failures” are caused by use of non-standard techniques and procedures. Also, such failures can be caused by ignorance. An auditor thinks he is using standard material. He isn’t sufficiently trained to know.


You see, there is a thing called Scientology. It has axioms. It has principles. It has the goal of empowering a thetan to overcome his own problems. This standard Scientology we don’t change every day. The uninformed, not knowing that a standard exists see in each new release a new subject. So they say, “Why don’t I experiment on my pcs?” And they experiment with the standard background, not with a further reach of old, tried, principles.


We know now just exactly what clears people. And we know exactly what a clear is. And we know exactly how to train and process. These are hard won riches. Don’t waste them and your time, too."

(L.Ron Hubbard, "Offbeat Processing", Ability Magazine 76, published in the Red Volumes, Vol. III, p. 282)


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